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27 January
Maria Bendix, Lounge Hostess at Aviator, has been named Employee of the Year 2022 in the category of Proactivity. Her willingness to take on tasks beyond her responsibilities and identify problems before they even arise was what made her stand out from thousands of other Avia Solutions Group family members. According to Maria’s colleagues, she is a master at planning, and providing great customer experience seems to come so naturally to her.
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20 January
Arijus Sulcas, the Senior Developer at the Marketing Department of Avia Solutions Group, has been named the Employee of the Year 2022 in the category of Devotion to Duty. This came as no surprise, as Arijus is an excellent team player and always presents strong solutions to various challenges. Last year, Arijus also lead some big development projects, established new back-end systems, tutored junior developers, and was a shining example of the entrepreneurial spirit we encourage within the Group.
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22 April
Storm Aviation’s Chris Ellmore – a journey through aviation
According to his colleagues, Storm Aviation’s Shift Base Manager, Chris Ellmore, is a true inspiration to everyone in the company. A key player in the Storm team, Chris has always shown exceptional dedication and devotion to the company and has been recognised for his consistency with an Avia Solutions Group Employee of the Year Award.
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14 April
Roderick Engberg, Safety Officer at Sweden’s Stockholm Arlanda airport is a prime example of the possibilities for elevating your career in almost any sector of the aviation industry.
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08 April
Magma Aviation’s Garth Cahi – managing the essential elements of cargo logistics
We rarely give them a second thought, but ULDs (Unit Load Devices) – the pallets and containers you see being loaded onto aircraft at every airport – have to be carefully managed. Garth Cahi is the ULD and Logistics Manager with Magma Aviation, managing and tracking hundreds of ULD units around the globe every day.
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01 April
Stefan Hirche - Innovation of the year
Stefan joined Chapman Freeborn OBC in 2016 as an On-Board Courier Broker, yet this was not his first step in the aviation industry. “Before coming to Chapman Freeborn OBC I studied Aircraft Engineering as I always have been fascinated by the aviation industry. During this time, I discovered a very high interest in programming and creating software. I am also a hands-on guy and worked at our local airport as a ramp agent, coordinating baggage loading, fuelling, boarding, and even creating the load sheet.”
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30 March
Meet Agne Januskeviciute, Customer Support Manager at
Spontaneous love at first sight – that is how Agne Januskeviciute, Customer Support Manager at, Avia Solutions Group subsidiary, describes her first encounter with aviation that lasts to this day.
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30 March
Sales Manager Gelmina Vadapalaite shares her path to aviation
The dream of becoming a flight attendant and pursuing her career in aviation followed Gelmina Vadapalaite, Sales Manager at, Avia Solutions Group subsidiary, from a very young age. Though Gelmina had to put a pause on her dream for a little while, she eventually found her way back to aviation.
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25 March
Akvilė Bakūnaitė – “A rewarding career path I never imagined”
According to Akvilė Bakūnaitė, the JETMS Head of Communications and Marketing, working with JETMS means that, “Every employee has the opportunity to achieve more, and to demonstrate their best skills, offer new ideas, and make an impact for meaningful change.”
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18 March
Irina Udrea - Fast and successful of the year
"Find a job you love, and you will not work a day in your life" - an old saying goes. It seems that Irina Udrea has followed the sentiment, went after her dream, and landed a career in aviation.
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