For the Deputy Managing Director at BAA Training, Lina Svedarauskaite, aviation has “always had a mystical allure.” If given the chance to go back in time, Lina jokes she would’ve become the first female pilot. And we’re 100% sure she would’ve succeeded. That’s just the way Lina is — and her high standards, hard work, and dedication didn’t go unnoticed when nominating last year’s Employees of the Year. Crowned as a “Fast-Track Achiever,” Lina has kindly agreed to share her insights, plans, and secrets of success with us.

How did it feel to be named the Employee of the Year? Lina is quick to divert the spotlight from her to the whole BAA Training France team. “It feels great! But, actually, this reward belongs to all team members — without them, I couldn’t have reached this kind of recognition. I’m especially thankful to Marijus Ravoitis, CEO of BAA Training, and Vytautas Ledakas, Managing Director of BAA Training France, for their trust in me at this Paris project.”

Lina’s standout accomplishment of the year was the successful launch of BAA Training France, completed within a record-breaking 6 months. Installing 4 simulators in less than a year showcased not only efficiency but also exceptional project management skills. “Building a team of dedicated professionals and orchestrating the entire installation process was a significant benchmark for my career,” shares Lina.

As Lina steps into the new year, her goals are already set. However, the key lies not just in setting targets but in realizing them with motivation and punctuality. The commitment to achieving these goals reflects Lina’s forward-looking mindset and determination to continue contributing to the success of the Avia Solutions Group. “Being a part of the Avia Solutions Group family can be summed up in three words: Flexibility, Ambitions, People. These pillars define the spirit that binds us together,” says Lina.

When asked which experiences were pivotal for her professional identity, Lina’s answer is short: time spent in the tourism industry. The intertwining of the aviation and tourism sectors played a crucial role in shaping her journey. Despite some more energy-consuming aspects of Lina’s job, the joy of working with a dynamic team within a vibrant working environment outshines them and brings her fulfillment.

What criteria would Lina set for the Employees of the Year 2024? “Hard and high-quality work with consistency and rapid reaction. It’s the perfect recipe for success in any professional arena,” Lina advises.

And we, too, cannot wait to see how Lina continues to navigate the skies of success and witness her achievements in the years to come.