In the fast-paced and challenging world of aviation, recognition is reserved for those who consistently demonstrate exceptional dedication and performance. When Justas Rinkevicius, the Head of Commercial at Avion Express, was named the Employee of the Year 2023, it came as no surprise for any of his colleagues. Today, we’ll explore how Justas’ commitment to excellence has led him to his achievements, what his key influences and career highlights are, and what kind of future aspirations he has.

When asked how the title of Employee of the Year makes him feel, Justas expresses a deep sense of personal fulfillment and attributes the award to years of unyielding determination and hard work. Justas also emphasizes the importance of “unconditional family support, curiosity and willingness to explore things in a detailed way” as secret ingredients of his success.

Having embarked on his professional journey in the industry back in 2007, Justas reveals that aviation is the only field he has ever worked in, and he loves every minute of it. Justas recalls his very first days very well, “I still remember my first day — the excitement and all that positive energy. I think part of that fuels my passion till this very day.”

Despite being recognized by the group and his managers, Justas is quite humble when asked about his most significant work accomplishments last year. “I can’t specify only one because each and every project we’ve worked on is very important to our organization and brings value to the group. I truly believe that the symbiosis of all of them was a deciding factor in getting this nomination,” says Justas. However, opening new markets, re-entering previous ones, and expanding the company’s existing partnerships are at the top of his list.

Looking forward, Justas’ primary goal is the following: to continue pushing himself, his team, and his colleagues for even greater results at Avion Express. Moreover, Justas’ aspiration is not only to maintain current standards but also to explore broader horizons and new opportunities. At the end of the day, that’s what being a part of Avia Solutions Group means to him: vision, ambition, and challenge.

Of course, it’s not all fun and games, and Justas admits that his work does take its toll at times. “It isn’t easy because working with different parts of the world requires to be available outside the “normal” working hours. Also, dealing with different cultures and mentalities consumes quite a lot of energy. The best reset for me is spending quality time with my family and long bike rides to get some fresh air,” shares Justas.

Reflecting on his journey, Justas offers a simple career advice: “Just keep on going.” When considering the criteria for crowning next year’s Employee of the Year, he outlines three key factors: the importance of the result Avia Solutions Group-wide, the efforts and extra mile taken to achieve the result, and the implementation of out-of-the-box ideas to reach the desired outcomes.