With an open mind and heart, the Senior HR and People Engagement Specialist, Guoste Valiukeviciute, joined Avia Solutions Group 3 years ago, right before Christmas, and, as she recalls, “the timing was really magical.” Guoste had worked her magic, too — her dedication, hard work, and warm personality didn’t go unnoticed by her colleagues. Having started as an Administration Intern, Guoste was soon offered the position of an HR Administration Specialist, and that’s when her dream career took off.

Before joining aviation, Guoste worked as a Sales Manager but soon realized that she was happiest when communicating with people and decided to pursue a career in the field of HR. “I never dreamt of joining an aviation company, though. Before becoming an intern at Avia Solutions Group, I only had enough knowledge to confidently board a plane for vacation,” laughs Guoste. However, it turned out that the world of aviation was even more exciting and engaging than she thought.

For Guoste, the primary purpose of her internship was to learn as many new things as possible, and she didn’t seriously consider the possibility of staying in the group. However, Guoste wasn’t afraid to share her future career plans with the HR Manager, and, as she says, her dream was heard. “A few months later, I was invited to join Avia Solutions Group, and since then, I’ve been living aviation 100%. In a way, you could say that I found myself on the ‘Santa’s Nice List’ that year and my Christmas wish was fulfilled.”

The professional and helpful people, constant learning opportunities, and welcoming atmosphere are among the main reasons why Guoste didn’t think twice before accepting the offer. She believes that colleagues’ assistance and support are especially crucial for interns or newly-hires — it helps them feel valued and useful and boosts their self-confidence. That’s what she experienced since her very first days in the group, and now encourages others to do as well as a full-time HR professional. “Let me tell you, even a small “thank you” or a candy can go a long way to make someone’s day. It certainly does mine.”

Guoste also has some valuable advice for the interns themselves. “If you’re just starting out or considering changing your career, an internship may be a significant step. I would encourage every intern to be brave and visible, but at the same time, feel when you need to listen and learn. And, most importantly, don’t be afraid to share what you want with others because your career story may start when you least expect it.”

In her current role, Guoste is working with the group’s employees by helping solve their problems and taking care of their well-being. This includes organizing group’s events and leading several group projects, such as the Brand Ambassadors Project. Working in a big global corporation and dealing with different cultures every day is another aspect that Guoste absolutely loves, and her background in Lithuanian philology helps her bring a unique perspective to her work, too. “My education has equipped me with the ability to read people like books, to understand them not just as employees but as individuals with unique stories.”

Finally, Guoste gives special credit to her friendly and supportive team — and especially her current manager, the Chief HR officer, Inga Staniune. “I will be forever grateful to Inga for choosing me to join her team, for all the useful HR and life lessons, and for always providing a safe space when I need to pull myself together.”