Rosita Mickeviciute, an SEO Copywriter at AeroTime, started developing her interest in commercial aviation at the young age of 12, but it’s only this year that she joined the industry, which has been “a dream come true.” Before her career at AeroTime, Rosita had worked in other fields — however, at some point, she realized she either wanted to find a job in aviation or focus on building her own company. As Rosita says, she never viewed a career as a means to earn money, and her ultimate goal was to find a job that brought her joy and fulfillment.

Rosita’s journey within the group began with an SEO copywriter internship and took off swiftly from there. She had worked with SEO practices for 3 years previously, therefore, it was both a great continuation and an opportunity to further build her professional skills. Rosita is now taking care of all the SEO bits, such as writing articles, performing technical optimization, on-site optimization, and looking after the content. She also happily took some responsibility for managing the company’s newsletter and had a chance to work with paid ads.

When asked about the most important lessons the internship taught her, Rosita says she’s very grateful to her previous manager, “I was given a lot of freedom in terms of seeing what works for my articles and was guided by an SEO expert in the field. I learned how to not only perform technical audits but also to implement changes in the quickest way possible without having to do things manually. In those two months, I learned more than in the last year. The most useful thing I learned was how to optimize my articles so we get as much organic traffic as possible.”

At the end of her internship, Rosita knew she was going to stay if she got the offer. She liked the company culture, the responsibilities, and the fact that she was growing super-fast in her field. Rosita’s managers noticed her passion and asked her to stay, which she happily accepted. “I love learning about planes every single day, and I like that I can work remotely because I live in Utena, so for my career growth, this trust between me and my company is very important. I love that we are moving towards healthy, trustful relationships between employees and employers.”

Among many successes Rosita had during her time at AeroTime, she’s most proud of the company’s overall growing organic traffic and her article named “The myth of Santiago flight,” which performed really well with record high clicks and CTR performance (highest over the last 1,5 years). But it’s not only about numbers. During her internship, Rosita also learned a lot of aviation fun facts, and even though she finds it hard to choose only one, it probably is the fact that the airlines can sell more tickets than the seats available on the aircraft. “This is called a “no-show,” and it happens when a traveler does not show up for their flight. The airlines have implemented this measure to combat this problem.”

Rosita also emphasizes the human factor and values, which she finds very near and dear to her heart. “The culture here at Avia Solution Group is amazing, and I truly couldn’t ask for better colleagues. Even though I do not see them that often, every single time I come to the office, I always feel welcomed and motivated, and I never even once felt pressured. Coming from a previous workplace where I experienced bullying, I think this is an extremely important topic. I also want to notice that AeroTime has the best human resources manager I’ve ever met — she was the one who spotted my interest in aviation and was very helpful in the onboarding process.”