Avia Solutions Group connects over 100 offices and 17 industry segments to create a vibrant aviation ecosystem.

Aviation is a complex global mechanism with millions of parts working together in perfect harmony, and we are at its core.

When you see an aircraft take-off or land you probably don’t give it too much thought. But the fact is, aviation is like a giant floating iceberg with its bulk hidden beneath the surface. Immaculately trained cabin crew ensure your journey is as comfortable as possible, engines purr without flaw, your baggage has been carefully stored in the cargo hold, and will be delivered safely by the ground crew on landing. Strict regulations ensure that every step of your flight is checked, monitored, and documented so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Just like the aviation industry, Avia Solutions Group is a complex composite of multiple interconnected parts. Operating in 68 countries worldwide, and with a complement of over 11,500 skilled professionals, we are the umbrella that covers the entire aviation industry. Statistically, at least one new company joins our Group every year, adding to the range of ground-breaking services we already provide to the industry. With so many proven experts under one roof, we are constantly moving forward to devise and establish new industry-standard solutions.


It is one of the biggest global mechanisms with millions of cogs working in a perfect harmony and we are in the middle of it.

What you see What you see
We buy, sell, re-sell, lease new, used, private and commercial aircraft
We train, lease, recruit pilots and crew to fly and take care of you
We take technical care of aircraft and train future technicians
We welcome aircraft, fuel it, clean it, take care of your bags and get it ready for next flight
We fly our own planes to your selected destinations privately or by charter
We use aviation know-how to create unique it solutions and services for our clients inside and outside the market
We build and manage hotels