Avia Solutions Group is on top of almost each job in aviation sector and its support business worldwide.

With its 83 offices and production stations across 5 continents and over 7000 enthusiastic aviation professionals, Avia Solutions Group delivers prime aviation services to keep air transportation running smooth and steady.

A job in aviation means a global job, which is why we are a global multiservice holding with offices and subsidiaries worldwide.

A broad list of services and products ensures Avia Solutions Group’s competitiveness in major markets as well as the small niche areas. With so much professionals under one roof, our people tend to create new solutions – statistically at least one new company joins the Group per year with a ground-breaking product or service.

Our aviation professionals and their services ensure a smooth and stable operation of the air transport – from airline business, ground handling to VIP charter flights with uniquely designed and refurbished jets. Are you here to join the mission?


We arrange holiday travels and manage hotels

Premium vacation destinations, experience and exclusive precision to detail when it comes to tour planning brings out the best in our own managed accommodation establishments.

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We take care of the aircraft while you board

In addition to being the prime choice for airlines by providing all-round services when it comes to ground handling, we lead the aircraft fuelling & liquid ADR logistics market in Central and Eastern Europe.

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We develop systems that challenge the NOW of aviation

Our developed algorithms search and indicate hundreds of aircraft parts using A.I. as we continue to push the boundaries in simulator systems, airport and maintenance management solutions.

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We bring up, source and recruit pilots, flight attendants & technicians

Understanding that the future of any business is in its people, our training academies, simulator centres and online training specialists give their absolute everything to the students of aviation business – from training to recruitment.

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We fly whenever and wherever you wish to explore

Our fleet of VIP aircraft allows businesses and individuals to quickly reach anywhere in the world.


We keep aircraft and rotorcraft safely in the air

Aircraft and rotorcraft owners all over the globe choose one of our maintenance hangars or light maintenance stations whenever they need qualified technical support or consultation.

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We consult, manage And ensure growth

Our headquarter acts as a service centre for group companies engaged in commercial, private, charter aviation and its support services across the world.

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We have the largest narrow-body fleet around the globe

Boasting the largest narrow-body fleet around the globe, with 45 modern Airbus A320FAM aircraft, our airlines are well-known providers of full ACMI and charter services in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

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We have interactive news platform and organize global commercial aviation conferences

Our interactive news platform and global industry events help keep the pulse of the dynamic aviation industry.

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We support aviation companies

With a proven reputation for innovation and undeniable professionalism we are the world’s leading aircraft charter and aviation support company

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We provide environmentally friendly transport solutions

In addition to having a significant background in the aviation industry, we also provide major European cities with buses powered by green energy and fuel.

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