Unites technology-driven and forward-thinking aviation companies, covering various tech areas and fields

Digital Aero Technologies is an international holding company that oversees a variety of tech-focused businesses providing global aviation services.

The companies within the portfolio offer innovative software solutions, IT tools, process management products, and online training for aerospace companies administration managers, MRO engineers and mechanics, ground handling, and flight training schools. The current portfolio consists of 10 startups, which have achieved extraordinary growth, reaching 3.5 million unique visitors every month and a total of 81 million views per year for all the companies’ content.

Digital Aero Technologies has established a dedicated community of 600 technology-focused experts working on cutting-edge technologies such as AI-driven marketplaces, cloud-based ERP solutions, and machine learning algorithms to support aviation activities across various verticals and develop future solutions for the industry.

Also, the company has launched a $20 million investment fund to collaborate with global startups and bring innovative solutions to the aviation world.

Companies in portfolio

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