Alexander Hickl, Business Analyst, Chapman Freeborn had the pleasure of taking home the ‘Game Changer’ accolade at the Avia Solutions Group Employee of the Year Awards 2023. His colleagues nominated him for the award for his dedication and expertise which have become integral to the successful implementation of the ‘Pioneer’ charter broker software across Chapman Freeborn Europe.

Asked how he felt winning the award, Alexander initially found it hard to acknowledge, “It took me a while to realise it, but now it just feels great.” Speaking about the journey he has taken to get to this award Alexander said, “I think a lot of things on my path have shaped me over the years. However, even if it sounds super cheesy, my children have given me a whole new perspective on the world. But I also have to say a huge thank you to Chapman Freeborn for the opportunity and trust they have given me to grow beyond myself.”

Alexander’s key achievements this year were about how his hard work gave him personal satisfaction from his colleagues, commenting, “I’ve been an important part of several teams this year. It really has given me great pride and confidence that my advice is sought, and my colleagues know that they can trust me always to find a solution.”

A common theme with our Employee of the Year winners is their commitment and resilience and Alexander is no exception. Focussing on 2024, he commented, “I’m very keen to bring the reporting to a level that I am satisfied with. But the priority is to conquer the beast that is Pioneer and get it to a place where all parties are more than satisfied.”

After a demanding year, Alexander highlighted the importance of recharging your batteries by spending quality time with your family. For anyone else going through a demanding time, he offered the advice to “Believe in yourself, and everything will turn out fine.”

We also asked Alexander what he’d be looking for if he was judging this year’s awards. “That’s a difficult question but I would say the ability to work well in a team is key. I’d be looking for someone who has a fire within them to achieve, a passion that spreads to others and brings the best out of others too.”

Alexander’s father worked in handling at Frankfurt Airport for over 30 years and as a child, he often took him to visit. Although he was always fascinated by aeroplanes and the infrastructure around them, Alexander arrived in aviation a little later in his working career. “Back to the roots, you could almost say”. We’re certainly glad his trajectory brought him to Champman Freeborn and Avia Solutions Group.