Nothing illustrates the career climb better than a path from an intern to an experienced aviation professional. Agne Jankovskyte, Sales Development Manager at KlasJet, has been in an intern’s position a few times before settling in her current vacancy. Nonetheless, the manager’s career growth benefited from the unique self-discovery process and made Agne an essential part of the Group.

Agne was lucky to find her aspiration way back while still going to high school. Thus, after graduation, she continued with aviation management studies. “I didn’t have a specific plan on what position I’d like to take, but my priority always was people-oriented and communication-based careers. But, as long as I can remember, I also always wanted to work in the aviation sector”, says Agne.

Manager’s professional life was exhilarated when in 2019, she joined ‘Aerotime’ – one of ‘Avia solutions group’ subsidiaries. “I started as a Data Mining Intern. After the internship, the company promoted me to the sales assistant. I was my manager’s right hand in preparation for the Pilot Career show. I was a part of everything: location searching, communicating with pilots and cabin crew employers, uploading job ads to ‘Aerotime’ career page”, recalls Agne.

Her proactivity then led to a Junior Marketing Manager’s role. Although the career climb was promising and Agne’s work ethic was admired by many, the aviation sector crash during the global pandemic affected her prospects. The sales professional lost her job, and for almost 5 months, she was searching for alternatives with determination.

Agne confesses, “My goal once again was to find a job in the aviation industry. One day I decided to write to the HR manager at ‘Avia solutions group’ and ask if they’re looking for interns.” Once more, the specialist was put into the intern position. However, this time she was placed into the communications department. Three months of copywriting did not go to waste – it only expanded Agne’s prospects and helped her finally get the position of her dreams.

When the internship was coming to an end, the employee was invited to become a Sales Development Manager at ‘KlasJet’. “Currently, I’m responsible for selling private jet flights and communicating with clients. Of course, I meet many people with distinct personalities, so my previous work experience helps me choose the appropriate approach for every individual”, says the sales manager.

In addition, Agne assures that her current position is the most dynamic of all jobs she has had. Besides, the manager’s colleagues play a significant role in creating a motivating atmosphere. “My co-workers always encourage me to think out of the box. Ever since I entered the HQ building, I knew that I’d reach something here. So naturally, all these things combined inspired me to excel at my work and discovered my core strengths.”