The information technology sector occupies an increasingly significant place in the Lithuanian economy. It has been continuously developing in Lithuania for many years and is now one of the nation’s most efficient industries. IT specialists are highly valued and even included in the list of the highest-paying careers in the country.

These are not just empty phrases – those are the facts confirmed by the IT professionals themselves. One of them is Tomas Storpirstis, the IT Business Process Project Manager at Avia Solutions Group. Today, Tomas is sharing his personal journey: the twists and turns of his career, the story of moving abroad and returning to Lithuania afterward, and what ignites his passion for work in the world of IT aviation.

Tomas Storpirstis started building his career path while still studying at university. He had been working as a SharePoint Administrator in one of the most famous insurance companies in Lithuania for seven years. Even though Tomas learned a lot during this time, he eventually decided to climb the career ladder elsewhere. That’s how he joined Avia Solutions Group in 2014 and spent almost three years here as a Document Management System Administrator.

Very curious by nature, Tomas craved new professional challenges over time and decided to try himself in the field of robotics. “In 2016, the development of robotic process automation in Lithuania intensified. I saw this as an opportunity for digitizing the processes in the future and potential career growth at the time. As a result, I had to leave Avia Solutions Group. As it later turned out, only temporarily,” – smiles Tomas.

The Project Manager started his work in robotics in a Lithuanian company. However, in 2018, after receiving a job offer in the United Kingdom, Storpirstis left his homeland for better opportunities abroad.

From the current perspective, Tomas is glad that he took up this challenge, even if he faced some difficulties in a foreign country, too. “In the summer of 2019, I joined one of the Big Four companies (i.e., the four largest companies in the world providing auditing and consulting services) and had worked there for almost two years,” says Tomas, “I gained some invaluable international experience and got acquainted with different cultures and people. In the end, my family and I decided to return to Lithuania, as we wanted to raise and educate our children here. Besides, the competition in the IT sector in Lithuania is way pettier compared to the UK, and it is easier to be noticed here.”

The IT Business Process Project Manager never regretted coming back home. Not only was he dearly missed by the family and friends, but also some new career opportunities were awaiting Tomas. The IT professional returned to his roots and rejoined the Avia Solutions Group family. “I started looking for the job offers in Lithuania and saw that Avia Solutions Group is searching for an IT Business Process Project Manager. I realized that in this position, I could both successfully apply the acquired knowledge and learn from the experts in the field,” – recounts Tomas.

At Avia Solutions Group, Tomas is pleasantly surprised by the positive work environment, a cohesive team, mutual trust and participation in the digitization of the business processes. “I am fascinated by the fact that my work is always dynamic and I deal with different processes of the various companies every single day,” – adds Storpirstis.

The project manager is optimistic about the current situation in Lithuania and has a bright outlook for the future, too. “Lithuanian process digitization experts are keeping up pace with their foreign colleagues and are constantly improving in the field,” says Storpirstis.

Tomas gives a final piece of advice to the fellow Lithuanians working abroad and considering returning to their home country. “Working and living abroad is great, but I’m pretty sure that ultimately, all the accumulated experience should be brought back and used here in Lithuania. Our economy is growing fast, and the IT sector is already thriving, making it an excellent place to develop and learn. Last but not least, everyone working with the process digitization creates value not only for their company but for the entire country, too. I find this inspiring.”