Gabriele Silo - headhunting IT professionals for the aviation market

Aviation is related more closely to information technology than it may seem at first glance. Whether it's aircraft fueling, flight schedules, pilot training or just a faultless passengers check-in - IT solutions are critical in all aviation scenarios. Yet people rarely think about this complex aspect of aviation.

Moreover, the myth that only men work in this area is now debunked. Gabriele Silo, the IT Talent Acquisition Partner at Avia Solutions Group, only proves it right.

According to her, “the entire sky of freedom to create and improve” opens up to the IT professionals in aviation. Gabriele backs this statement up with the facts. “Avia Solutions Group has already created quite a few successful IT solutions, and a newly established AeroCity Tech Ventures foundation is going to provide as much as 20 million euros for aviation start-ups in the near future,” — she says.

Today, Gabriele shares what IT specialists’ career prospects in the aviation market are and why she chose this career path herself.

Gabriele fell in love with technology in her early childhood. “I've been interested in computers since I was a kid and spent a lot of time experimenting with various applications. If any of my friends had any problems with their electronic devices, I was always there to help, too”, — smiles the IT Talent Acquisition Partner.

After graduating from high school, Gabriele took a completely different path by studying creative industries, but her passion for technology never faded away. Having finished her studies, she decided to switch to IT recruiting and has stayed there ever since.

Even though the IT market is a tough nut to crack, Gabriele is far from being intimidated by it. On the contrary, she finds it inspiring and motivating. Gabriele is fascinated by this job because it’s always dynamic and requires a lot of persistence and up-to-date knowledge in IT. “I know that not everyone will agree with me, but IT recruiting can by no means be combined with recruiting for other positions. The methods and techniques of those two are completely different”, says Gabriele.

IT Talent Acquisition Partner is sure that IT solutions can be applied in many areas of the aviation industry: “Automating, optimizing, creating innovative technological solutions are just a few examples of the IT importance in aviation”.

When Gabriele is asked why IT specialists should choose aviation and what the benefits of working at Avia Solutions Group are, her answer is honest: “People enjoy the freedom to express themselves – and we provide a lot of support and nurture their creativity.

We also constantly strive to facilitate the work of our employees and make them happy. We offer a variety of benefits, such as an office gym, a daycare center for those who have kids or medical insurance. Oh, and let’s not forget the new unparalleled Tech Valley office building with an actual jet “landed” inside of it! It will be exclusively dedicated to the IT staff, and we’re planning to create some exciting spaces and unique facilities there.”

Speaking of a “perfect employee”, Gabriele says she doesn’t have a picture of one in her mind. “The IT community is very diverse and different, and we ourselves are searching for different types of specialists. We’re engaged in the various phases of SDLC (Systems Development Life Cycle) projects, so we are looking for programmers and testers, business and systems analysts, system administrators, and IT management professionals. We value highly competent individuals who are simple, friendly, willing to collaborate and create great IT solutions”.

For those of you who want to join aviation, Gabriele suggests visiting the career page ( and check other channels on which the company is active, such as MeetFrank, LinkedIn, CV-Online or Work in Lithuania. Gabriele also strongly encourages to write directly to her on LinkedIn: Who knows, maybe the personal conversation with her will open up a new career runway to you!