Roderick Engberg, Safety Officer at Sweden’s Stockholm Arlanda airport is a prime example of the possibilities for elevating your career in almost any sector of the aviation industry.

Named as Avia Solutions Group Employee of the Year 2021 in the Heroism/Safety category, Roderick only commenced his employment with the Aviator Group – an integral member of the Avia Solutions Group family – back in 2004. Since beginning his career with Aviator, Roderick has worked as a ramp loading supervisor, ramp coordinator, and department specialist before his promotion to represent Aviator as an overall Airport Safety Officer.

With regards to his Employee of the Year award, Roderick said that it came as a complete surprise, but one that he was initially humbled by, but ultimately honoured and immensely happy to accept.

Before joining Aviator, Roderick had undertaken some university studies and had attended business schools, but as he freely admits, “not in areas promoting a career within aviation. My journey into ground handling started at the grassroots level on the ramp and evolved from there.” Proof positive that aviation holds the key to career success for almost anyone, regardless of their education or background.

Speaking about his time with Aviator, Roderick likened the process of transforming the company’s operations from being a guerrilla movement to becoming a well-drilled and disciplined army of specialists. During that time, he has faced many challenges and openly acknowledges that many more still exist, but that the foundation for continuous progression, along with the resilience to bounce back, regardless of the situation, are the qualities needed to succeed in the industry.

With such a prestigious award firmly in his grasp, the keys to the world are his to keep. However, Roderick’s plans to keep on doing what he is doing in an industry he loves. When asked what his plans for the future are, Roderick said, “To keep on doing what I am doing, for the time being. The award is an indication that we are heading in the right direction, but the job is not done yet. There is still plenty to improve and develop from my current position. Potential opportunities within Aviator or Avia Solutions Group will, of course, be considered as and when they arise.” And you can be assured that those opportunities will arise and present themselves within the group.

Despite the challenges felt by the whole industry in the recent past, Roderick says he is determined to stay where he is because that is where he wants to be and that he feels motivated to help the industry fight its way back to greatness once again.

Even though he describes the industry as being a bit of a roller coaster ride, Roderick is completely happy with where he has found himself, despite having been accepted at university to compete for a Master of Laws degree.

Roderick’s story goes a long way to explain the possibilities that exist within the aviation industry, and more particularly within Avia Solutions Group. It also demonstrates practically and healthily that we never know how good we may be at something until we have at least tried.