The modern world of aviation is fuelled by talented and motivated individuals that are able to find out-of-the-box solutions in the most challenging of circumstances. You can learn everything else along the way.

Avia Solutions Group internship offers are one of the best and fastest ways to understand what it means to be a part of global aviation family.

Our internship offers do not only cover aviation students, but almost every other field out there so no matter what you study – aviation is ready to offer you a career ride of your lifetime.

We uphold a strong culture of pro-activity and self-education, thus we are open for new spirited talents that enjoy constant development of one self’s skillset and personal, as well as professional abilities without any boundaries. With almost all job opportunities in aviation on offer at our Group, it is up to you to decide which runway to take on your take-off in the global aviation world.

In this website, you will find numerous specialists that started their careers at Avia Solutions Group from a role of an intern. With both vertical and horizontal aviation career opportunities across the Group, the young talents can easily choose a brand new road, location, company or continue growing on the selected one.

Student internships in aviation is unlike anything you tried or heard of, especially in the technical roles. With 5 hangars in Europe and Asia, Avia Solutions Group interns in MRO industry can work on real aircraft and their components. Taking on the responsibility and not doubting yourself, as well as not being afraid to make a mistake – it’s the only way of growing into a trusted professional here at Avia Solutions Group.

If you reach the top starting from the internship you gain a perspective like no one else about how the things work – from the top and from the bottom. Don’t believe it? Just read the stories of Avia Solutions Group everyday heroes that started their career in aviation as interns.