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24 April
AviaAM Leasing Had a One More Successful Year in 2018
AviaAM Leasing, one of the most efficient aircraft leasing and trading companies around the globe, earned EUR 49.3 million revenues (including net gain on sale of aircraft) and posted a record net profit of EUR 29.1 million for the year ended 31 December 2018. The net profit grew by 9% as compared to 2017 (EUR 26.8 million).
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02 April
Ryanair Sun chose Baltic Ground Services to service charter passengers at the Chopin airport in Warsaw
Baltic Ground Services (BGS), the only private operator of ground handling services at Chopin Airport in Warsaw (Poland), has signed a contract with Ryanair Sun for operations in the summer of 2019 (May – October). It includes complete passenger and baggage handling as well as all necessary services.
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19 March
G.Ziemelis: Publicly listed airlines cheating investors on E261?
Over €5bn in compensations are not disclosed on major European airlines' financial reports over the last three years. With up to 90% of passengers being aware of their rights on claim compensations for disrupted flights and compensation obligations remaining valid for up to 10 years (depending on the country), it is of utmost importance that auditors initiate improved financial reporting standards forairlines. Otherwise, shareholders and investors might witness more collapses of airlines in 2019.
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07 March
AIR Convention Asia brings aviation industry giants to Bangkok
Two years ago Thailand’s capital Bangkok became the most visited city in the world, overtaking destinations like Paris and London. Tourism is thriving in the country accounting for 22% of its GDP in 2018 and Thailand is expecting a record 41.1 million foreign tourists in 2019.
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21 February
The breakthrough out of standardized economy, business and first class seating environment: exclusive rights for 3 continents
FL Technics, a global provider of integrated aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services announces an exclusive partnership with JHAS, an Italian aircraft seating and interior company.
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19 February
G.Ziemelis: Is 1 Pilot Greater Than 2?
Aviation evolves and some things that were deemed as necessary are no longer needed. Regulations tend to lag behind technological developments, so it often takes time before capabilities are implemented, even when it is technically possible.
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13 February
FL Technics lands an exclusive representation deal with Deshons Hydraulique
FL Technics, a global provider of integrated aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, a part of Avia Solutions Group, has just signed an exclusive representation agreement with French hydraulic solutions company Deshons Hydraulique.
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30 January
Humans need not apply: robots are taking over airports
Just a decade back a fully automated airport with no staff seemed something out of a science fiction movie. Today it is a reality. From Glasgow Airport’s trial with GLAdys, Shenzhen Airport’s operating security robot Anbot to the fully automated Changi’s Terminal 4 − the industry seems to be moving towards a completely seamless experience for passengers. Starting with biometrics and ending with customer service robots, what does the airport of the future look like and do humans need not apply?
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29 January
G. Ziemelis: Are Standing Airline Seats the Future of Increasing Seating Capacity?
Since the dawn of commercial aircraft seating has been mostly unchanged. Even up until today regardless of which airline or aircraft one flies in the seats all look and feel familiar. But in the pursuit of cheaper fares and cutting costs this might soon change.
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18 January
KlasJet becomes a leading player in business aviation
European business aviation company KlasJet has finished 2018 with a big bang. The company has extended its fleet with three Boeing 737-500s. Growth of the fleet is one of the cornerstones of KlasJet’s strategic goals in 2019. New aircraft enable the company to further extend bespoke services and experiences, tailored to sophisticated customer’s needs. Expansion is set to continue in 2019 with plans to purchase four more Boeings.
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