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20 August
G. Ziemelis: Boeing MAX 'situation' costs airlines $1B per month
In March 2019, aviation regulators and airlines around the world grounded the Boeing 737 MAX airliner after two brand new aircraft crashed in five months, killing 346 people aboard. While the decision was reasonable, it was an expensive one.
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14 August
G.Ziemelis – Global ACMI will reach $7.07 B by 2025
Just until recently wet leasing was considered a way to solve short term problems like seasonal volumes, maintenance checks, groundings, etc. Lately, though, long-term wet leasing from third parties has grown considerably in Europe. Aviation’s ACMI  global market revenue is projected to reach over USD 7.07 B by 2025, the ACMI business model has become a mighty contender in the aviation world. How did that happen?
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07 August
G. Ziemelis: How your heavy coat can cut airline's profit?
It is a well known fact that aviation business is an expensive pleasure. In order not to lose their space in the market by constantly increasing ticket prices, airlines take a different route and shift their focus on reducing operational costs to increase their profit.
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18 July
The excitement for flying starts from the ground up
New routes, airline developments, brand-new planes and breaking records: aviation always has captivating news to offer. However, aviation media is not immune to the tectonic shifts that impact all news providers. Worldwide tendencies show that only 42% of people now trust the news providers they use themselves*. The ever-increasing flow of information makes it hard to understand which news are to make an impact and which developments will determine the way we will fly in the future. Thus, innovation, passion for aviation and industry expertise is playing an increasingly important role in today’s aviation news media.
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17 July
FL Technics implementing next generation mechanics training using VR
FL Technics, a global provider of integrated aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul service, which is part of Avia Solutions Group, has begun implementing VR modules for the basic training of aviation mechanics.  The company has presented its first VR module, which covers the opening of the reverse thrust engine of a Boeing 737NG, and is set to expand its list of modules in the coming months to cover the full scope of maintenance training.
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08 July
$10B aircraft spare parts marketplace – one click to find them all
Finding spare parts for aircraft is never an easy task. As the market is not so big and the regulations are stringent, MROs and airlines understand that there is no way to keep track of every possible spare part that is needed or would be needed shortly. Besides that, some players do not have the capability of storing spare parts. Having a business connection that handles one or the other required part always comes in handy. But there are better and more efficient ways, for example – using a specific marketplace for aircraft spare parts.
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02 July
KlasJet Expands Its Market Reach With the Addition of the New Boeing 737-500
KlasJet, a European private and business charter carrier, part of the Avia Solutions Group, released its latest fleet addition – Boeing 737-500 LY-JMS to the service. With the refined economy class interior and 120 seat aircraft, KlasJet is expanding its business to new markets.
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28 June
Aircraft ground handling training moves to virtual reality
When it comes to strictly regulated activities, such as aircraft ground handling, where speed and safety are top priorities, virtual reality (VR) stands out as a perfect technology to train operators in a nearly real-life environment. While VR is nothing new in pilot training, for ground handling it is still a novelty.
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26 June
G.Ziemelis: No More Need to Own a Private Jet
Owning a private jet has long been a symbol of wealth and success, but the market seems to be showing a rather drastic shift. According to JETNET, year over year, manufacturing companies are seeing decreases in the number of aircraft being purchased and newer models of aircraft especially are also seeing a significant drop in the number of aircraft being sold. In the first quarter of 2019, there were 620 fewer transactions, a 25% reduction, when compared to the first quarter of 2018. This decline was not expected, as the U.S. GDP increased 3.2%. 
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18 June
Avia Solutions Group to acquire Chapman Freeborn
Avia Solutions Group, a global multipurpose aviation holding, has entered into an agreement to acquire 100 per cent of the shareholding in UK-headquartered Chapman Freeborn Group - a worldwide market leader for aircraft charter solutions. The acquisition agreement was signed in London, United Kingdom on 14 June 2019.
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